Month: September 2004

On Over Scheduling, Planning, and Organizing

Once we have every moment of the day accounted for, without any time for playfulness or spontaneity, we become slaves to conformity… and conformity dulls the mind.
-Amy Alexander

Shake or Break

Before the most recent three days it was looking like the Cubes (Amex: QQQ) and a bunch of other indexes and individual stocks might be forming handles, but that has been called into doubt by the reversal and failed attempt to close above the 200-day moving average (see circled area). The day after the reversal/failure, we got a fairly sizable red candle with a close near the low on increased volume, a clear distribution day. Now we are at a critical juncture,…


Hi Yo, Quiksilver

Like the Lone Ranger’s horse, Silver, ZQK showed an ability to move extremely fast today. I started looking at this stock after noticing more and more Quiksilver clothes showing up in my closet again after years of absence, suggesting that the brand that was hot when I was in high school is making a resurgence. Not only are they designing a cool line of products again, but they are expanding beyond the teenage surf-shop market into other outlets and age groups (I just got a couple shirts at Nordstrom). So…