Month: December 2004

Marchex Update — IBD Onboard

Investors Business Daily did a front page B-section article on Marchex (Nasdaq: MCHX) today.  See my 12/26/04 posting for the scoop (beat IBD by 5 days).

CALL Update — Dumping

I dumped most of my CALL shares yesterday after getting spooked by some ongoing customer service and quality issues I was having with the company. 


On Analyzing Information

Never assume the obvious is true.

-William Safire

Good quote except for the use of the word "never," which, along with the word "always," should usually be avoided.

Marchex Inc. Intro

Here’s one to check out: Marchex Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHX).  Flying below most people’s radar and making bold moves in the domain name, paid search, and internet advertising markets.  Highest volume since this one came public in late March 2004.  See following chart for weekly picture.


CRYP Update

Nice 10% pop after retest of 50-day moving average.  See my previous posts for more info (11/17 and 11/30).

On Mistakes

Mistakes are, after all, the foundation of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.

-Carl Jung