Month: September 2005

Next Group to Rotate Down?

Xle_92405_5 Looks like a big volume reversal on volume two days ago, then a rally on unimpressive volume today.  Smells like group rotation and/or topping or basing action to me.  Energy stocks have dominated the new-highs list pretty much since Bush invaded Iraq, with over a hundred stocks hitting new 52-week highs per day being pretty common, especially over the past few months.  Friday, however, the energy sector was in 11th place with a lame 4 new highs.  We will know more when we see what happens if/when the energy stocks test their most recent highs.  If it’s weak I expect to do some shorting, at least if I’m near a computer, which actually might not be the case for the next few days while I’m in Mississippi.  Cheers!

On Change

If the rate of change outside the organization exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near.

-Jack Welch

The Awakening


Looks like OptionsXpress (OXPS) finally awoke from its month-long slumber.  Still will need to see what develops over the next week or so (follow through, retest, reversal, or double reversal), but today’s 5.5% move on 3.6x average volume on top of yesterday’s gap up and rally is a good start.  NOTE: See 8/27/05 post titled OptionsXpress Holdings Inc. for my OXPS introduction.  Cheers!

On Priorities

Only a few things are really important.

— This is one of those quotes that shouldn’t be attributed because we all figure it out one way or another.

To Everything (Churn, Churn, Churn)

There is a season (churn, churn, churn)

A time to gain, a time to lose                        


Today looks like churning to me, what with many indexes and stocks reversing from positive to negative on increased volume.  Check it out.  Cheers!