Ebay / Skype / PayPal

Below is a copy of my recent email to eBay (reply to be posted in later).  I think the Skype acquisition is going to open up some huge opportunities for eBay and is going to totally disrupt conventional business models in marketing, advertising, direct response, and paid voice and video services…  and that’s just for starters.  Granted, I am biased since I am an eBay, PayPal, and Skype user and shareholder, but I took today’s reaction to pick up a few more shares of eBay (just a few because of general asset market concerns and non-ideal EBAY technicals).  Ok, now on to the email to eBay, which only mentions the eBay-related possibilities, which may be very small in comparison to all the other opportunities.  Cheers!

EMAIL TO EBAY: When am I going to be able to put a Skype "Call Me" button in my listings and how is it going to work?  Will it be in the body of the listing or in the "Seller Information" section or somewhere else?  Of course, the Skype info should not be harvestable should only be usable by potential buyers / registered eBay users.  No crank calls, marketing calls, or other spam calls.  To accomplish that I should be able to specify how much to charge people for incoming calls (anywhere from $0.00 per call or minute or both on up), splitting the revenue with eBay/PayPal/Skype (if necessary).  Maybe there should be an option and ability to refund callers their money on a one-off basis, too.  And of course the winning bidder would get any call charges refunded completely.  When will this be ready?  Thanks!