Cheney / Rove Relief Rally


We’ll call today’s rally the Dick Cheney / Karl Rove relief rally.  Everybody has been holding their breath, some fearfully, some excitedly, waiting for Patrick Fitzgerald to announce his first indictment.  Yes, everyone knew it was coming today, when the grand jury was set to expire, and yes every expected Lewis "Scooter" Libby to go down, which he did, but still a Cheney / Rove Relief rally was in order!  How exciting, right!?  Not so fast.  Notice the anemic volume?  That’s a serious warning, so better curb your enthusiasm.

Ok, I can’t resist, so here goes some more political ranting: Gotta love the timing of that Harriet Miers withdrawal, a day before Fitzgerald’s scheduled indictment!  Bush’s latest "appointment" failure gets pushed off the front page by the new lead story for every major TV news show, newspaper, magazine, and website in the country.  Obviously not ideal to keep having ever your bigger scandals and failures overshadowing your previous fiascos and debacles, but hey, this is W. we’re talkin’ ‘bout.  Oh, and the official word is that Miers "withdrew herself."  I guess there is another new definition going around the White House these days?  They got a lot of new definitions over there, huh.  Like truth, honesty, WMD, legal, moral, thoughtful, considerate, capable, good job, independent.  Cheers!