Month: November 2005

The New Yorker: Scowcroft’s View of Bush II: Rise of the Idiot

Some excerpts to whet your whistle:

Scowcroft does not believe that the promotion of American-style democracy abroad is a sufficiently good reason to use force. “I thought we ought to make it our duty to help make the world friendlier for the growth of liberal regimes,” he said. “You encourage democracy over time, with assistance, and aid, the traditional way. Not how the neocons do it.”

The neoconservatives—the Republicans who argued most fervently for the second Gulf war—believe in the export of democracy, by violence if that is required, Scowcroft said. “How do the neocons bring democracy to Iraq? You invade, you threaten and pressure, you evangelize.” And now, Scowcroft said, America is suffering from the consequences of that brand of revolutionary utopianism. “This was said to be part of the war on terror, but Iraq feeds terrorism,” he said.


Google Update

Goog_112905 Down 4.7% on over 2x average volume.  Worst percentage drop since 6.7% on 11/16/04.  First  close below 10-day moving average since start of most recent rally.  This is something to watch — GOOG investor or not — since Google is a primary market bellweather.  Cheers!

Portfolio Update

See below for list of position and brief commentary.  I expect to rebalance, reduce, and probably concentrate the portfolio be the end of the year (transferring from Fidelity to consolidated account with better service and many free trades to utilize for rebalance).  Ideal portfolio, for me, is between five and fifteen stocks.  Cheers!


Weekly View of the Cubes

Qqqq_112505w On the 6-month chart we see declining volume for the past three weeks.  That last week is hard to read due to the holiday-shortened week (closed all day Thursday and closed at 1:00 PM Friday).