Portfolio Update

See below for list of position and brief commentary.  I expect to rebalance, reduce, and probably concentrate the portfolio be the end of the year (transferring from Fidelity to consolidated account with better service and many free trades to utilize for rebalance).  Ideal portfolio, for me, is between five and fifteen stocks.  Cheers!

  • GENERAL MTRS CORP NT 7.100% 03/15/2006 (in portfolio few days prior to most recent restructuring announcement)
  • ADAMS RESPIRATORY THERAPEUTICS INC COM (in portfolio for few months)
  • AMERICAN SCIENCE & ENGR INC (in portfolio for few months)
  • EBAY INC (in portfolio for few months this time, have owned on and off for few years)
  • EASTMAN KODAK CO (in portfolio since after most recent earnings announcement and before last week’s front-page Barron’s fluff piece)
  • E*TRADE FINC CORP (in portfolio since summer)
  • FIDELITY JAPAN SMALLER COMPANIES (in portfolio for almost a year)
  • FOXHOLLOW TECHNOLOGIES INC COM (in portfolio for a number of months before the controversy and still holding)
  • GLOBECOMM SYSTEMS INC (nibbled some of this after most recent earnings, has proved to be a laggard, probably to be cut soon)
  • GOLD FIELDS LTD ADR (in and out of portfolio for past couple of years)
  • DESARROLLADORA HOMEX S A DE C V SPONS ADR (in portfolio for number of months before the street picked up coverage with buys, still holding even though I was shorting U.S. housing stocks off the top, through September)
  • INTERNATIONAL SECS EXCHANGE INC CL A (in portfolio for few weeks)
  • LOGITECH INTL SA ADR (in portfolio for few months)
  • MARCHEX INC CL B (in portfolio for many months)
  • MIVA INC N/C FROM 317794105 (in and out portfolio for about a year, very small position as the stock has been a laggard)
  • MICROSOFT CORP (in portfolio since before Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and hypester Cramer came along a few weeks ago and now everyone loves it)
  • OPTIONSXPRESS HLDGS INC (in portfolio since summer)
  • OXFORD INDS INC (in portfolio since most recent earnings report, now out, but coming back in)
  • PIER 1 IMPORTS INC (in portfolio since summer, very small position, laggard, possible outs)
  • RSA SECURITY INC (largest position in portfolio for many months, trade around it)
  • SUN MICROSYSTEMS INC (in portfolio for few months)
  • VERISIGN INC (in portfolio since eBay announcement (see post month or so ago).