Day: December 15, 2005

Plug Power Inc.


Someone got plugged in today, as small/micro-cap PLUG saw its highest volume since the end of August when the stock tried and failed to break out of a base and then whet into a 3-month decline to a 52-week low below $5.00.  I usually stick to certain kinds of stocks that meet certain criteria I like, such as earnings and a prior uptrend on the chart, but technology such as Plug Power’s fuel cells will gain traction for small scale applications…  and an apparently good-sized order (for the size of the market) is a positive indicator, so I nibbled on a tiny bit today…  tiny, tiny.  See below for the news.



GONG! Turning Point for the U.S. Dollar

The dollar’s more than 2% drop against the yen on Thursday was the largest one-day decline in over four years (the dollar is now down 3% in three days vs. the yen).  The drop came after Alan Greenspan and the Fed (U.S. Federal Reserve) raised short-term interest rates by 0.25% and — this is the important part — changed the wording in its policy statement, i.e. sent body English that the interest rate hikes will end soon.  Since markets are forward looking…