Day: December 20, 2005

Neoware Systems Inc.

Nwre122005Here we see an 6-month chart of Neoware Systems (NWRE).  The chart was pulled at lunch time today, so we won’t know how the day closes for a few hours yet.  What we do see is the stock pulling back after yesterday’s 14% gap up on big time volume.  The gap and the volume were both the largest since the first day or so of September you see on the chart.  To soon to tell if yesterday’s gap will lead to another leg up or prove to be a headfake.  Stay tuned.  Cheers!



Eye on Google

Goog121905Notable reversal on volume after hitting new all-time high.  Remember, GOOG is THE bellwether.  Cheers!

Notable Action for the Cubes

Qqqq121905Here we see the Cubes’ (QQQQ) first break below the 20-day EMA since the start of the post-Katrina rally.  They also broke below their month-long trading range.  It’s too soon to tell if this is a shakeout or the beginning of a correction, but today’s action should be noted nonetheless.  Cheers!