Month: December 2005

On Knowledge

Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects.

-Will Rogers



Logi12105all Here we see Logitech’s (LOGI) entire trading history in the U.S.  As you know, this is one of my portfolio stocks.  Same with EBAY, who owns PayPal, part of Craigslist, and recently bought Skype for around $2.5 billion…  the analysts and "mainstream" media wrote their conventional wisdom pieces about EBAY paying too much Skype.  Today Skype launched version 2.0 of its software and announced a partnership with Logitech, who will supply Skype-branded product.  Also today, in his Wall Street Journal Personal Technology column, Walt Mossberg wrote a 900-word fluffer for Skype, concluding that it was time for "mainstream" consumers to give it a try.  As more and more "mainstream" publications jump on the bandwagon you can expect the momentum to build.  And if you’re not on Skype yet, you will be soon, probably with a Logitech headset.  Cheers!


Dress Barn Inc.

Dbrn113005Here we see six months of DBRN.  Yesterday’s gap up was on earnings news.  The company beat estimates by 60%, posting accelerating revenue and earnings growth and margin expansion.  If you look carefully at the left edge of the chart you see another gap up, exactly six months ago…  Wonder what that was…  Oh, another earnings report, that time beating by 14%.  Humm…  Cheers!

China Med Technologies Inc.

Cmed113005 Here we see the entire history of CMED.  Most recently, we see that big reversal candle on highest volume ever (except for first day it traded).  After that got a bounce on lighter volume.  Now it looks like rally failure.  Doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but I noted it because CMED has been one of the leaders of the latest rally.  Cheers!