Month: March 2006

International Securities Exchange Update

Just a quick update. International Securities Exchange (NASDAQ: ISE) has continued selling off since my March 17th warning (to longs). The stock is now 20% lower in nine trading days. Cheers.

RSA Security Update

Just a quick post to note RSA Security (NASDAQ: RSAS) possibly coming out of a tight handle on increased volume. Note the accumulation in the handle, as shown by the 4-5 up days on above average volume with no down days on above average volume. Search my blog history for my prior posts on RSAS. Cheers!

Cubes Update – Churning

Just a quick post to note the intraday reversal and close in the lower half of the day’s trading range on above average volume. This is important because many people will simple see the higher close and think all is good. Some will notice the higher close and higher volume and think all is very good. However…


Euro vs. Dollar – Head and Shoulders Almost Complete

Here we see the dollar, as represented by the Euro Trust ETF (AMEX: FXE), taking it’s largest 1-day plunge against the Euro in two months. The dollar selling / Euro buying took us right to the neckline of a 3-month head-and-shoulders-type formation (see chart). A close above $1.22 could mean a quick move to test $1.23. A close above 1.23 could signal the beginning of the more significant move down for the dollar I expect for 2006, likely against most other major currencies. See the continuation of this post for the Gold chart.


TypePad STILL Having Tech Problems…

Now into their second day with no new images being displayed… What the #$% those idiots doing over there, and I don’t mean the techies necessarily, but the jackasses in control of the technology budget and planning!?

All I can say is check back who knows when these people will fix their site that they are charging users for and not providing a critical feature. Be warned if you are shopping for a blog host or blog software, TypePad seems to have major problems every few months and it takes them a LONG time to fix these problems.


TypePad Technical Problems…

Are causing images not to display… hopefully they will get this fixed by tomorrow. Lot of problems with TypePad. If you’re thinking about starting a blog I’d shop around.