RSA Security: The Paradigm Shift Begins


Just a quick update on RSA Security (NASDAQ: RSAS) to note today’s gap up breakout of the tight, low volume 1-month flat-base-type formation.  Notice the accumulation in the base, which is shown in both the OBV (on balance volume) and Money Flow indicators at the bottom of the chart.

Click through to continue reading this entry, where I’ve posted a 2-year chart showing the longer term bottoming base.  Also, see my prior postings for the RSAS investment theme that Wall Street is discovering in 2006, the year of two-factor identification.  Easiest way to find my prior posts is to scroll through my “Stocks” category.  There are four posts besides this one (March 28, 2005 through January 27, 2006).  Cheers!