Day: March 6, 2006

New Feature – Search!

Now you can use the search box on my site to search my blog’s archives.  The Search Box is located near the top left of my blog, just below my picture and the Donate button.  So what’s that donate button all about you ask?  It’s an easy way for you to buy me a beer….  There, I said it, I am asking for beer money.  Kind of like the guy in front of the 7-11, except I’m doing it through the Internet.  There, I really said it…  But I am not ashamed…  I need beer money.  I like beer and it’s expensive in Sweden and I don’t have a job right now.  So, who’s going to be the first one to make buy Chris a beer?!  Cheers!


Quick Update on the Dollar vs. the Euro

Fxe22636Just a quick update on the Euro ETF (Amex: FXE).  This is chart was pulled during market hours, so closing price is yet to be determined.  But so far we see what appears to be an orderly consolidation of Thursday’s burst above the 50-day EMA.  See prior post for details.  Cheers!

The Million Pretzel March

I don’t normally take joy in the misfortune of others, but in this case I must ask for forgiveness. When I originally heard this story I had a feeling of an almost miracle happened, but then didn’t.

Before I get to the article, let me set the tone:

To make a football (American style) analogy: Imagine your team is down by a few points with less than a minute left in the Superbowl and the other team has the ball and is on third down, needing only a yard for the first down and then they can just down the ball to run out the clock, game over… looks hopeless.

The quarterback calls “hike” and hands the ball off to his best running back who only needs that one yard for the first down… but he bobbles the hand off and the ball comes loose… you naturally get very excited at jump to your feet, adrenaline surging, heart rate racing, imagining the possibilities… you watch the ball bouncing around on the ground… It pops into the hands of one of your players! More adrenaline and excitement!!


Article: The Mensch Gap

From the February 20 edition of the New York Times:

The Mensch Gap

“Be a mensch,” my parents told me. Literally, a mensch is a person. But by implication, a mensch is an upstanding person who takes responsibility for his actions.

The people now running America aren’t mensches.


Article: The Big Question

From the March 3 edition of the New York Times:

The Big Question

Since the start of the Iraq war, it’s been clear that “victory” rested on the answer to one Big Question: Was Iraq the way Iraq was because Saddam was the way Saddam was, or was Saddam the way Saddam was because Iraq was the way Iraq was — a country congenitally divided among Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds that can be held together only by an iron fist.

Unfortunately, to answer this big question — even Iraqis didn’t know — the U.S. had to provide a minimum degree of security for all Iraqis, so people could feel relaxed enough to think beyond their most narrow tribal or religious identities. We didn’t do that, because of President Bush’s decision to approach the Iraq invasion with the Rumsfeld Doctrine, which calls for just enough troops to fail, rather than the proven Powell Doctrine, which calls for overwhelming force to win.