TypePad STILL Having Tech Problems…

Now into their second day with no new images being displayed… What the #$% those idiots doing over there, and I don’t mean the techies necessarily, but the jackasses in control of the technology budget and planning!?

All I can say is check back who knows when these people will fix their site that they are charging users for and not providing a critical feature. Be warned if you are shopping for a blog host or blog software, TypePad seems to have major problems every few months and it takes them a LONG time to fix these problems.

Yes, they are growing fast, but they know they are growing fast and it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out how to stay ahead of the curve. Seems to be a case of people trying to do the minimum and even that’s not working.

With crap like this happening all the time TypePad must be seeing increased subscriber churn and negative publicity. Terrible for customers and terrible for investors and other stakeholders. It’s a good lesson on what NOT to do. Cheers!