Day: April 1, 2006

Mass Media Hype and Confusion

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Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT): This is why you need to think for yourself if you want to succeed long-term in the market. I check the major newspapers and magazines to get a read on the overall sentiment of the population and the talking heads, fluffers, and fear mongers, looking for extreme points, group think, fear, optimism, hope, giddiness, whatever. To me, 90%+ of the reason to follow the mass media is…



Condie Quotes

“I know we’ve made tactical errors – thousands of them, I’m sure.”

She’s got that right, thousands of mistakes… All rooted in the original lies about WMD, the pretext for the Iraq war. And the story got worse from there. And it probably isn’t done getting worse before we can get to the work of fixing her, Cheney’s, and Bush’s thousand’s of mistakes and lies.

Here’s the other Condie notable quote: “I am quite certain there are going to be dissertations written about the mistakes of the Bush administration.”

She’s got that right. Many dissertations. Many, many dissertations.