Day: April 18, 2006

RSA Security Update

Just a quick update since my April 9th post on RSA Security (NASDAQ: RSAS). The two points I highlighted: (1) possible pre-rally shakeout, and (2) growth in consumer sales of authentication credentials for use by consumers are increasing were spot on. RSAS is up 10% as I write this intraday post… Driver is the company’s earning’s report, which beat estimates and has analysts falling over themselves to raise their estimates and targets on the stock. Shares traded today is over 3 million and counting… this will be a HUGE volume day for RSAS.

As menioned throughout my RSAS posting history, 2006 will be the year that consumer security tokens go mainstream and RSAS is the leader. You can search my site for all my prior postings with the search box in the left side panel of this blog. Click the continuation of this post for today’s comments from the various analysts getting on the bandwagon. Cheers!



Article: The Rummy Mutiny

From the April 15th NYT:

The Rummy Mutiny

WASHINGTON — When Donald Rumsfeld was 10, his operating principle, as described by his dad, was: “If it doesn’t go easy, force it.” Not much has changed in the last 63 years. Goodness, gracious! Will that dadburn Rummy ever follow any of his own rules?