Day: April 19, 2006

Heard of Crocs Yet?


If not yet you will soon. The ugliest and most comfortable shoe around. And the stock just went public too… see continuation of this posting for the chart. High short interest on this one, so could be real volatile. Could also produce a nasty short squeeze if the situation evolves as we hope. Cheers!



Rat Leaves Stinking Shit…

I mean “rat leaves sinking ship.” Err did I mean it the other way? Shit, I don’t know. But here’s the news:

White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Wednesday he is resigning. He told Bush: “I have given it my all sir and I have given you my all sir, and I will continue to do so as we transition to a new press secretary.”

Closing Numbers: RSA Security

Just a quick update on yesterday’s intraday post. The earnings / breakout frenzy took RSAS to a closing gain of 22% on 11.7 million shares, or 9x average volume. Overall this was the largest gain and largest volume in over a year. Shares have now doubled in the months since has been onboard. Donate button at left. Cheers!