Closing Numbers: Corcs Inc.


Just a quick update on yesterday’s intraday posting… Here’s a 1-month chart to highlight the extremely tight range since the first trading day of April. The stock (NASDAQ: CROX) has closed within about a 1-point range each day for the entire month and within $0.05 range for four of the last six days… on whisper quiet volume. This is quite something. See the continuation of this post for my Crocs viral/buzz scenario.

I have not researched this company much yet, but I am most intrigued by ideas and/or products that can take on viral characteristics and this one has my spidey senses tingling for a number of reasons: (1) a friend of mine was raving about his Crocs last summer, (2) another totally unrelated friend was raving about her Crocs this winter, (3) I noticed an article about Crocs in the LA Times the other day, and (4) now I’m writing a blog about them, and doing some research, reading, writing, buying and talking.

This product now officially has my interest and later today I will find the one store in Gothenburg that sells these puppies so I can try them for myself. Of course even if these Crocs are as good as people say (and not a Croc of sh*t), at best they may only be a fad product with their 15-minutes of fame and then fizzle when the $5 knockoffs flood the market and/or the cool kids are on to something else because now the dorks have started wearing them. But WTF, yesterday I put a toe in the water, so to speak… we’ll see. Cheers!

PS: From a CANSLIM investment perspective, I think CROX qualifies.

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