Day: April 23, 2006

Tjorn Sweden Great Island To Visit Near Gothenburg



Article: The Decider Sticks With the Derider

From the April 19th NYT:

The Decider Sticks With the Derider

At first Rummy was reluctant to talk about the agonizing generals’ belated objections to the irrational and bullying decisions that led to carnage in Iraq. The rebellious retired brass complain that the defense chief was contemptuous of advice from his military officers and sabotaged the Iraq mission with willful misjudgments before and after the invasion.

“I kind of would prefer to let a little time walk over it,” Rummy told reporters at a Pentagon briefing yesterday. But seconds later, he let loose a river of ruminations, a Shakespearean, or maybe Nixonian, soliloquy that showed such a breathtaking lack of comprehension that it was touching, in a perverse way.