Day: April 24, 2006

Croced and Loaded

Just a quick follow up on last week’s introductory Crocs Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX) postings. I was able to track down a pair at a sports store in Gothenburg, which coincidentally was having the first day of its annual ski clearance sale. So not only did I walk out in my new Crocs shoes/sandals, but I also walked out with new skis for next season! Great deals all around, except for the Crocs, which I think cost around $90, which is crazy for a 6-oz piece of rubber. But it does go to show what a phenomenon these things are set to be. Actually, I think they are probably already be going viral, since the company is producing 2 million pairs per month (according to the 18 April article in the LA Times, which by the way was syndicated to newspapers across the U.S.A. this weekend) and still most people have never seen or heard of them. Continue reading this post for more info, pics, and analysis.



Krugman: Why haven’t we paid a price for our trade deficit? Just you wait…

Usually I post these Krugman articles (with a 3-day lag) on my political / anti-Bush blog, but this article’s economic focus brings it on over to and gets it published right now, with no lag. Check it out. Cheers!

PS: He is only talking about one of the twin deficits: the trade deficit. The other elephant in the room that nobody seems to care about is the fiscal deficit. How did we get a record fiscal deficit, you ask? Take a record fiscal surplus, add George Bush, the most irresponsible president in U.S. history and the one that is probably overseeing the topping of the USA. Thanks George. A-hole.