Crocs Flash / CNBC / Cramer / $2 Spike

I don’t watch CNBC much, and when I do I usually have it on mute, but I just happened to turn it on and un-mute it when loudmouth James Cramer came on at 3:33 PM NYC time and mentioned CROX (Crocs Inc.). I didn’t hear what he said other than something about having a yellow pair, but the stock spiked $2 in 3 minutes. Anyone who has a transcript, please post as a comment here. Thanks. Cheers!

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One thought on “Crocs Flash / CNBC / Cramer / $2 Spike

  1. Don’t have a transcript, but according to the link below, he said that the shorts have gotten “way to aggressive” on CROX, and there will be a bounce. Looks like he provided that bounce himself…

    REPY FROM CHRIS: Thanks for the good info, Mike. Keep it coming. Sounds like Cramer has been reading my blog postings about the short interest and squeeze potential on any upside earnings surprise, which is what my model shows. He also mentioned TravelZoo, which I used as an example last week. has been receiving hundreds of hits over the past week that I’ve been analyzing (and buying) Crocs shoes and CROX stock. We will know how this story turns out soon. Cheers!

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