Day: May 6, 2006

Article: Protection from a Falling Dollar

Seems like the recent fall in the dollar has finally gotten people’s radar screens blinking. See the following article from the April 27th edition of BusinessWeek for Merrill Lynch Japan’s doomsday scenario.

Protection from a Falling Dollar
By Jesper Koll

Merrill Lynch’s Jesper Koll argues that Japan, China, and Europe must focus on domestic growth and beat the U.S. at its own game

Growing numbers of analysts and economists worldwide are trying to forecast the fate of financial markets based on predictions about what will happen to economies. Unfortunately, much of this may very well be a waste of time. Often it isn’t what’s happening to economies that explains financial markets. Rather, what’s happening to financial markets is an indicator of what will happen to economies. Specifically in 2006, the issue is not whether the economic recoveries in China, Japan, or Europe warrant a stronger yuan, yen, or euro, but whether enough has been done to cushion against a collapse of the dollar.



Guy Who Used To Beat Me Up In 1st/2nd Grade To Enter Rehab

I went to school with Patrick Kennedy when I was a little kid and let me tell you he was as much of an a-hole back then as his is now. Then he was an older, big, mean and scary kid with a shock of red hair who was a beating me up in the stairwell. Now it’s doing that same type of thing on a larger and more public scale. His idiocy seems to soar to new heights with every new incident. See continuation of this post for him now, and a very brief photographic review of the Kennedy family history.


Flash: Porter Goss Abruptly Resigns as CIA Chief

Another rat leaves stinking shit story. Last time it was Scott McClellan. This time it’s Porter Goss, the jackass Bush put in charge of the CIA less than two years ago and who proceeded to, as per usual with Bush and his appointees, force out competent career people in favor of incompetent buddies. Goss, if you recall, took over the CIA after Bush previously failed appointee, George Tenet, was forced to resign over the intentional intelligence failures that let Bush lie us into the Iraq war. On Goss’s way out Bush said “He has led ably.” I believe that translates to “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job,” which is what he said in the midst of obvious Katrina-crisis-management failure to the incompetent FEMA leader he appointed, Mike Brown. Once again, the only person Bush is fooling is himself. It is sad a pitiful for Bush personally, and disgraceful to the U.S. nationally, to have that man, who will go down as the worst leader to date in American history, hold the office of the President.