Guy Who Used To Beat Me Up In 1st/2nd Grade To Enter Rehab

I went to school with Patrick Kennedy when I was a little kid and let me tell you he was as much of an a-hole back then as his is now. Then he was an older, big, mean and scary kid with a shock of red hair who was a beating me up in the stairwell. Now it’s doing that same type of thing on a larger and more public scale. His idiocy seems to soar to new heights with every new incident. See continuation of this post for him now, and a very brief photographic review of the Kennedy family history.


You could write a book and then some about this kid and the entire disaster of the Kennedy family since JFK was assassinated. Here’s an incomplete summary from Wikipedia:

–Kennedy has acknowledged being treated for cocaine use during his teenage years.[2]

–In 2000, Kennedy was accused of pushing a security guard at LAX. City prosecutors ultimately decided not to bring criminal charges against him and he paid an undisclosed civil settlement to the alleged victim almost two years later.[3] His critics have called this incident a “triple hate crime”, as the security guard was an elderly black woman.[4]

–In 2000, Atlantic Navigation Company of Mystic, CT, claimed that a boat they rented to Kennedy was found abandoned off Martha’s Vineyard and required $28,000 to repair. [5]

–In 2000, the Coast Guard was dispatched to Kennedy’s yacht after he and his date became embroiled in an argument on his yacht off Martha’s Vineyard.[6]

–In 2003, drew fire from his critics when he jokingly said that “I have never worked a [bleeping] day in my life.” [7]

And here’s a little summary of the boat incident. I remember at the time it happened I saw a much more detailed account in the newspaper, which really showed his jackassedness in full glory:

From the AP:

Boat woes nothing new for Rep. Kennedy

(Boston-AP, Nov. 15, 2000 12:20 PM)_ An aide to Patrick Kennedy says the Rhode Island Congressman is an ace sailor who’s had some bad luck at sea over the years.

The son of Senator Edward Kennedy recently settled claims by a Connecticut charter company which accused him of doing 28-thousand dollars worth of damage to a rented yacht this past summer.

In the latest incident, the Atlantic Navigation Company in Mystic, claimed that Kennedy did 28-thousand dollars worth of damage to a rented yacht this summer. The yacht was found abandoned off Martha’s Vineyard in August.

Kennedy’s insurance company Tuesday settled the claim.

Now, several other boat owners are telling The Boston Globe that Kennedy has damaged at least three other expensive vessels.

Each time, Kennedy insisted it wasn’t his fault, and that he shouldn’t have to pay for the repairs.

The manager of a Caribbean charter company says Kennedy returned one boat in 1996 with a broken boom, a blown-out sail and a missing dinghy.

Last year, a 36-foot sailboat Kennedy rented from a Rhode Island company was slightly damaged and needed Coast Guard assistance when it became tangled in fishing nets.