Who Are Some of CROX Institutional Shareholders?

Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX): 11:22 AM NYC time: Mazama Capital Management, for one. Their May 4th SEC Schedule 13G (statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership) discloses that they own 3,019,005 shares of Crocs, Inc. common stock, which represents 7.89% of total shares outstanding, which is probably one of the largest single positions, though they may hold it in various account or for various clients. Mazama’s stated investment philosophy is as follows:

At the heart of Mazama’s investment philosophy is the belief that exceptional investment returns can be achieved by investing in a diversified portfolio of quality companies that have made recent investments in people, products, plant and/or services and are now positioned to outperform expectations. Buying these quality, timely companies at a good valuation relative to their expected ROE and EPS growth rates enhances the opportunity for attractive gains and minimizes risk of downside price movements.
Our fundamental, bottom-up approach to security selection includes detailed analysis of financials, discussions with company executives & employees, and timely visits to evaluate company operations. We compare notes between vendors, suppliers and competitors to properly determine a company’s competency and rankings in their sector.

Our philosophy takes advantage of the market inefficiencies that exist within the small and mid cap universe. These inefficiencies include the fact that very few people have comprehensive, accurate information on these smaller companies. We have the ability to capitalize on that lack of broadly known information, because of the rigorous, fundamental research we do to uncover that information.

Source: http://www.mazamacap.com/investment.html

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