From Cramer’s ‘Mad Money Lightning Round’

“The shorts have been pushing it down. It’s been punished. I think that Crocs is OK here. I would buy the stock.” — By James Cramer and Staff on 5/12/2006 at 7:22 PM EDT.

Cramer’s more than a day behind my May 11th posting, which concluded:

As stated in most recent posts (here and here), CROX appears to have support at its 20-day EMA and the post-earnings sell-off likely cleansed the stock of weak holders, positioning it for its next rally, contingent on overall market conditions. For my personal account, I re-entered the stock in size (for me) at the 20-day EMA. Note: I could sell my position at any time, so do not rely on me in any way, shape or form to make your own entry and exit decisions. See my disclaimer, at left, for details on what I do with this blog.

Of course CROX will be impacted by any market volatility in the offing. It should be noted, however, that CROX has been outperforming the market over the past few days of market distribution. Cheers!

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