Day: May 15, 2006

Housing Trends – From the Coasts to the Mountains

As discussed here over the past year or so, the trend away from (1) crowded, expensive and dangerous coastal cities, (2) soupy Florida, and (3) overheated (literally 120 degree summertime highs in the sun) and under-watered Arizona has now taken hold and should gain momentum over the coming years. See continuation of this post for article on the latest existing home sales trends and a taste of what’s to come. Also, check in a couple of days when I go live with my Ennis Montana website. I’m not hearing those Ted Kazinski / Unabomb jokes when I mention Montana anymore (that was the standard reply when I mentioned Montana up until about a year or two ago). Cheers!



Nice Market Summary From Today’s IBD

This blurb isn’t going to make a lot of sense unless you’re pretty familiar with sentiment indicators, trading patterns, what looks normal and what looks funny, and how to listen for and know what’s not being said, but what the hey. Also, before we get to IBD’s excerpt and since we’re mentioning sentiment indicators, I’ve been meaning to point out…