What Does Negative Media Sentiment Look Like?

NASDAQ: QQQQ): 4:05 AM NYC time, Thursday, May 18th: It doesn’t get any more classic than this. Click for larger image and just go down the list of headlines: Global markets take pounding, Taliban attacks, Hamas armed followers, Police/gang clash, FBI blah, blah, Two dead as storm lashes, Second quake strikes, McCartney faces expensive, Taiwan wants missiles, someone got a divorce, someone else gets the boot, a chimp takes a messy something. You get the picture. This is why you need to…

…pay attention to what the mass media is mindlessly yammering on about, so you can meld it into your analysis of what the crowd is yammering on about, what they are doing, how scared they are, and where we are in the whole process. Cheers. See previous post and call me!

PS: Here’s the rest of CNN’s cheery news. Click to enlarge and read the headlines:

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