Day: May 20, 2006

3-Billion Share Day on NYSE

Just a quick post to note Friday’s trading volume, which was the second highest ever on the NYSE and the 10th highest ever on the NASDAQ. Lot of volume for not much gain, otherwise know as churning. Of course part of the volume spike was due to options expiration and the big moves that proceeded it, which required a lot of trading to adjust hedge ratios. Regardless…


Advertisements Fluffing

Just a quick post to note that GoDaddy’s investment bankers are busy getting this pig all lipsticked up for the coming IPO. Note: I shouldn’t phrase it like that since I’m a relatively satisfied GD customer, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to reference that Schwab commercial from a few years ago showing a retail broker sales manager giving his guys a pep talk and telling them to “put some lipstick on this pig.” Also worth noting in case the GoDaddy IPO marks the second top of Internet stocks (the first, of course, coming in late 1999 / early 2000). Anyway, here’s what GoDaddy’s been sending out every few days for the past few days: