Day: July 14, 2006

Two New Spots on the Coast


The World’s Most-Expensive BBQ

Bush BBQs while the middle east burns. Nice guy, huh. We’ll he did “tisk, tisk” Israel not to kill TOO MANY civilians. Jackass. Ok, onto the BBQ facade, where he has the Germans stage his public appearances / photo opps same as he stages them over here. Have them fake, but look real to people who want to believe anybody actually supports him back home (or anywhere?):


File This Under “A Little Late, Jackasses”


Oh and here’s another one of the little Hitler poses we see W. reenacting so often and so well lately. Now onto the news. Actually, since all our attention spans are so short these days here’s the key take away for anyone who voted for W, so listen up: Next time some educated blue state liberal media person warns you about a corrupt presidential candidate, then election irregularities, then a corrupt president, then an invasion built on lies to settle a personal score and jack up oil prices for his buddies EFFIN’ LISTEN!

Ok, now on to the news:

From the AP: 2006-7-14:
Poll: Americans want Democrats in power


Cubes Update – Earth to Romper Room

The Cubes (NASDAQ: QQQQ): 6:55 AM NYC time, July 14: As noted on June 28th, the rally failed. Two trading days later we got that big white candle circled on the chart and people like Investor’s Business Daily said it was a follow through day and a new rally was underway. Meanwhile, back at, we pointed out the flaws in “rally.” The actual failure (the circled red candle on the chart) was noted here, a good week or two before IBD even trying to cover its ass and…