Bush’s “Freedom” Agenda

Below are excerpts from Bush’s recent speech. This is what it looks like in Bushworld: simplistic, naïve and rose colored. Click through for the brief quote, my comments and links:

Bush Quotes:
“The freedom agenda is based upon our deepest ideals and our vital interests. [W]e believe that every person [h]as the right to determine his or her own destiny. We believe that freedom is a gift from an almighty God. And we also know, by history and by logic, that promoting democracy is the surest way to build security. Democracies don’t attack each other or threaten the peace.” Bush also told the audience of education ministers and other dignitaries from around the world that teaching people to read helps advance democracy.

My Comments:
I’m not even going to bother with his nation building and religious comments this time. Instead, let’s talk teaching people to read. How about teaching people to read because it’ll help them think for themselves, communicate better, become more self sufficient and do what THEY FUCKING WANT TO DO, not take up his version of “freedom” (it’s finally come now having to put the word “freedom” in quotes), “democracy” (same thing for the word “democracy”) and his “religion.” F-ing idiot, prick, shit, fuck! Can you hear me now NSA-wiretapper-Bush-pawn-dudes?!

Third-Party Links:
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