SanDisk V-Mate

I know this is an anti-Bush blog, but this looks like a pretty useful product for any of us who want to be able to easily share music, video and other content among our various computers and handheld devices. It’s called the SanDisk V-Mate. Click through the rest of the blog posting to read the review.

From the September 28, 2006, NYT:

For the iPod or Cellphone With Everything, a DVR of Its Own

Now that many portable devices can show video — iPods, PlayStation Portables, Pocket PC’s, Palm devices and even cellphones — the question is how to get that video to the devices. SanDisk has a hardware solution for moving video from your television, DVD player, cable set-top box, digital video recorder or digital camera to your hand-held viewer.

The SanDisk V-Mate video memory card recorder acts as a bridge between your video source and your hand-held device. It takes the output of any video source, converts it to the video format of the receiving unit and saves it on a memory card. The V-Mate has slots for all the major memory card formats, from SD to Sony Memory Sticks.

The unit connects to your TV, and the V-Mate’s built-in software lets you mimic a DVR by scheduling the recording of a TV show for later viewing on your portable device. The V-mate retails for about $130 and will be available next month at and major retailers.

SanDisk also sells memory cards, of course, and cards for the V-Mate are sold separately.