The AOL-ing of MySpace

MySpace has peaked and the void will soon become apparent, even to the mass media. MySpace can expect to suffer about the same fate as AOL did. In other words, it’s going to become un-cool and members are going to start churning off at an accelerating rate, lead by the coolest kids on the block, followed by… well, the followers. This process has already started. BuzzPal ( has a differentiated strategy to benefit from the AOL-ing of MySpace. We are currently recruiting our founding team members. Do you have what it takes? Click through to read more.

First, an interesting comment from News Corp. that tells you what they think of MySpace members:

From the October 10, 2006, Wall Street Journal / “News Corp. executives expressed their displeasure with the deal to Google and threatened to remove any links to YouTube videos placed by users on their MySpace blog pages.”

What’s it mean? That News Corp. considers MySpace members “things” to be used in its game of chess with Google. The trendsetting MySpace users — the early adopters — already know this and are moving on. The trend followers are starting to figure out where they stand too. Buh, bye…

Which brings us to: The ground floor opportunity at BuzzPal.