Day: October 22, 2006

File This Under “No Shit Sherlock!”

From CNN: U.S. ‘arrogant, stupid’ in Iraq

A senior U.S. State Department diplomat causes embarrassment in Washington after telling Arab satellite network Al Jazeera that there is a strong possibility history will show the United States displayed “arrogance” and “stupidity” in its handling of the Iraq war. The White House has distanced itself from the comments.


I don’t hold out much hope for Bush ever admitting a problem, at least not a real problem like this. Remember during the presidential candidate debates when he was asked to recall something he did wrong or could have done better? He was stumped. The man cannot admit mistakes. It’s ironic because his name is the very definition of “failure” just do a Google search under the word “failure” and see for yourself. Anyway, here’s the story, from the front page of on October 22, 2006:

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