Day: November 9, 2006

Article: U.N. List of Best Places to Live in the World

U.N. List of Best Places to Live in the World
By Evelyn Leopold
Thu Nov 9, 2006

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Norway, Iceland, Australia, Ireland and Sweden rank as the best five countries to live in but Africa’s quality of life has plummeted because of AIDS, said a U.N. report released on Thursday.

The United States was ranked in eighth place, after Canada and Japan, in the report that rates not only per-capita income but also educational levels, health care and life expectancy in measuring a nation’s well-being.



Article: The insider’s guide to Donald Rumsfeld

From the November 9, 2006,

The insider’s guide to Donald Rumsfeld
By Simon Hooper for CNN

(CNN) — Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has been forced out of the Pentagon after almost six years in charge. Here’s all you need to know about his departure.

Why has Rumsfeld gone now?


Article: Democrats Win Control of Senate, AP Reports


WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Democratic takeover of the Senate is appearing likely after an ongoing canvass of votes in Virginia produced no significant changes in the outcome of the hard-fought race led by Democratic challenger Jim Webb, sources told CNN Wednesday.

Wednesday night, with Webb leading Republican Sen. George Allen by about 7,200 votes and the canvass about half complete, The Associated Press declared Webb the winner.

CNN does not declare a winner when race results are less than 1 percent and the potential loser may request a recount vote.