Day: December 4, 2006

Quick Housing / Recession Update


Some grist for the mill:



Article: Video Is a Window Into a Terror Suspect’s Isolation


What you’re about to read sounds like some kind of Orwellian mashup of medieval dungeon conditions and concentration camp experiments conducted by an army of Mr. Smiths. But this isn’t ancient history, World War II flashback or sci-fi fantasy, it’s reality — right now — in George Bush’s USA, a place where fear and panic are your friends because they boost your poll ratings, where invisible enemies lurk around every corner and citizens are “protected” by domestic spying and jack-booted thugs. Yes, America is now a place where questioning the president and holding executive power in check is no longer a civic duty, but is unpatriotic and grounds for suspicion and punishment. Welcome to the new ameriKa. Cheers. PS: Krugman’s “King of Pain” article.