Wall Street Journal on It’s Format Change

Here’s a quote from the email I got today from the WSJ explaining how great it was that they’re reducing the size of the newspaper, but not it’s price:

“It will come to you in a slimmer, easier to handle size, with a more legible typeface.”

Translation: Not only will the paper be smaller, but it will have a bigger font size. And they say they are doing it to help their poor readers, who struggle daily with their oversized paper and undersized fonts.

This reminds me of the…

…time honored school kids’ trick of increasing the margins and increasing the font size on their term papers to reduce the number of words they have to submit. This time the kid — the WSJ — is saying he’s done it for the professor’s benefit instead of his own. That’s the troubling part. The lying. This is the truth: They raising the price per unit of news. Why? Because the newspaper industry is in a decades long decline, suffering from falling circulation and rising costs. It’s not like it’s a big secret, yet they choose to make up some 4th grade story. Nice!

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