Day: December 31, 2006

Article: Is That a Bow on the Christmas Goat, or a Bullseye?

From the December 18, 2006, New York Times:

Is That a Bow on the Christmas Goat, or a Bullseye?
By Tom Zeller Jr.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, a good-news story (so far, at least) from Gävle, Sweden, where the town’s giant Christmas goat (a 40-year tradition) survived its first attack by arsonists (also a 40-year tradition) and remains standing today in Castle Square.

According to news agency reports, since 1966 when the town first erected a 43-foot wood-and-straw goat, the seasonal sculpture has “been hit by flaming arrows, run over by a car and even had its legs cut off” and has made it intact past Christmas Day only 10 times.