This Is Going to Be Big… Sub $200 Laptops… On Linux, NOT Windows


So, I just bought an brand new Acer notebook computer for $379. First thing I’m going to do is reformat the hard drive and install Linux. That’s right, I’m throwing away Microsoft’s crap Vista, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Office, etc. You hear me, Bill? We don’t want or need Microsoft’s junk anymore. We’re sick of your prices, crashes and viruses. Linux, Firefox, Thunderbird and Open Office are all free, open-source replacements. And they are BETTER. Sorry, Bill. This IS the beginning of a trend. Buh-bye expensive proprietary junk. Hello cheap/free open-source goodness. Click through to read the article / blurb.


Intel, Asustek Announce Low-Cost Laptops, One Model Under $200

At the Computex computer trade show in Taiwan, Intel unveiled its new 3 Series Chipset family and announced plans to work with Taiwan’s Asustek Computer Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of motherboards, to develop low-cost education focused mobile PCs, including one priced below $200. Intel also said it expects to release a Core 2 Extreme mobile processor in Q3 this year. CNET reports the 3 Series Chipsets are necessary to accommodate Intel’s 45nm Penryn family of processors set to launch in the second half. Intel/Asustek’s low-cost ($199 – $299) laptops are scheduled to ship in July or August, with an initial sales target of 200,000 this year. They will run either Linux or Microsoft Windows, according an Intel executive. The One Laptop Per Child Foundation [OLPC], a U.S.-based non-profit, has a model that reportedly costs $180. OLPC has previously said it plans to ship millions of units from this autumn.

Sources: Press release, Reuters, CNET


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