Day: July 5, 2007

Article: Bush Rationale on Libby Stirs Legal Debate (worth a read)


July 4, 2007, NY Times:

Bush Rationale on Libby Stirs Legal Debate

In commuting I. Lewis Libby Jr.’s 30-month prison sentence on Monday, President Bush drew on the same array of arguments about the federal sentencing system often made by defense lawyers — and routinely and strenuously opposed by his own Justice Department.


Article: Libby “Pre-Pardon” Shows Bush’s Double Standards (once again)


Libby’s sentence not unusually long
Though Bush calls the 30-month prison term ‘excessive,’ records show defendants convicted of similar crimes served jail time.
By Richard B. Schmitt and David G. Savage
Times Staff Writers

July 4, 2007

WASHINGTON — In commuting the sentence of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, President Bush said that the former vice presidential aide had suffered enough and that the 30-month prison term ordered up by a federal judge was “excessive.”

But records show that the Justice Department under the Bush administration frequently has sought sentences that are as long, or longer, in cases similar to Libby’s. Three-fourths of the 198 defendants sentenced in federal court last year for obstruction of justice — one of four crimes Libby was found guilty of in March — got some prison time. According to federal data, the average sentence defendants received for that charge alone was 70 months.