Month: August 2007

Article: The Terror Within: A Look at the Republican Messaging Machine


by Bryan Young
Wed Aug 29, 10:25 PM ET – Huffington Post

Most of us have read about political polls and how candidates and parties use the results of to shape messages and vocabulary. You read about how bizarre and loaded they are and you never think for a million years that you’d be able to participate in them. For the longest time I assumed there was some anonymous town in the heart of conservative America where Republican’s crafted and honed all their messages. That is until tonight, when I was called by a conservative pollster, trying to hone a partisan message.

The questions I was asked astounded me.



Article: Poverty Rate Declines; Number of Uninsured Hits Record High


Poverty Rate Declines; Number of Uninsured Hits Record High of 47 Million

By Christopher Lee and N.C. Aizenman
Washington Post Staff Write
Tuesday, August 28, 2007; 1:02 PM

The nation’s poverty rate declined for the first time this decade, but the number of Americans without health insurance rose to a record high of 47 million in 2006, according to Census figures released today.

The statistics offered a mixed picture of the economy’s ongoing recovery from the recession of 2000-2001. While median household income rose for the second consecutive year in 2006, the increase appeared to be driven by a jump in the number of people in each household taking on full-time jobs, rather than a rise in wages.

The addition of 2.2 million people to the roster of the uninsured was attributed largely to continuing declines in employer-sponsored insurance coverage.


Article and Call for Comments: A Scandal-Scarred G.O.P. Asks, ‘What Next?’


(click image to see it in its full glory)

America’s Republican Party: Hypocritical, out of touch, and pitiful laughingstock all rolled into one. That list of descriptive words is just for starters. Feel free to add to the list in the comments section of this post. Also please contribute your ideas for the new official Republican Party slogan. And don’t forget to vote for the one word that best describes George Bush (use the poll I set up in the left hand column of this blog). Click through to read the article. Cheers!


Another Senseless Death Because of Bush


This guys leaves a trail of death and destruction everywhere he goes. This victim died so Bush could spend government money to attend a fundraiser for one of his Republican buddies.

August 28, 2007
Bush Motorcade Crash Kills N.M. Officer
Filed at 12:54 a.m. ET

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A police officer in President Bush’s motorcade crashed his motorcycle and died Monday, less than a year after a crash in Hawaii killed another motorcycle officer accompanying the president.


Another Rat Leaves the Sinking Ship – Buh Buy, Amigo


From the August 27, 2007, New York Times:

Embattled Attorney General Resigns

WACO, Tex., Aug. 27 — Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, whose tenure has been marred by controversy and accusations of perjury before Congress, announced his resignation in Washington today, declaring that he had “lived the American dream” by being able to lead the Justice Department.

Mr. Gonzales, who had rebuffed calls for his resignation for months, submitted it to President Bush by telephone on Friday, a senior administration official said. There had been rumblings over the weekend that Mr. Gonzales’s departure was imminent, although the White House sought to quell the rumors.


Editorial: Departed Asset Deployer [Karl Rove]

From the August 23, 2007, New York Times:

In his victory lap of self-serving interviews, Karl Rove, the departed White House political guru, waxed humble. “I’m a myth,” he insisted. Wishful thinking.

The record of Mr. Rove’s damaging dedication to political polarization through government service remains for historians to fully track, from the purging of federal attorneys to the smearing of Iraq war critics.