Day: October 8, 2007

Article: An Exit Toward Soul-Searching


These assholes get us into huge messes and shout us down when we’re trying to keep America out of trouble with the world… then they quit at the height of the disaster and leave the suffering and damage they created for other to — try to — clean up. I wonder if they’ll get a medal from Bush, like the other bush a-holes. Heckuva job!

From the Sunday, October 7, 2007; A01:

An Exit Toward Soul-Searching
As Bush Staffers Leave, Questions About Legacy Abound
By Peter Baker

It had been four days since Meghan O’Sullivan left her job at the White House. Just four days since she gave up her Secret Service pass, her classified hard drive and her entree to the president. Four days since she gave up any day-to-day responsibility for Iraq.

Too soon, evidently, for the dreams to end. “In fact, I was dreaming about Iraq last night,” she said. “And I woke up and thought, ‘When do you think this will stop?’ ”