Day: December 24, 2007

Why I Switched From

In a word, because sucks. It’s the AOL of the blogging world. Ok, I admit it, I still keep a few AOL email addresses among the 20 or so other ones I have, but there are reasons for that.

Anyway, here are the reasons why I finally dumped Typepad:

1) They charge you for something you can get free at other places, such as at

2) Not only do they charge you, but they charge you a LOT. I mean $9 per month for a blog!? Come on! You can get a hosting account at Yahoo for about $8 per month — maybe even cheaper if you use signup on one of their promo pages, like this one: Compare Web Hosting Packages from Yahoo.

3) The Typepad design and user interface is junky.

4) The Typeface functionality is pretty crappy, too.

5) And, the Typepad customer service is a dud.

Now you know: Stay away from Typepad! Use WordPress or one of the other free services or host your own blog at Yahoo, Godaddy or one of the many other inexpensive hosting service providers out there. Just do a Yahoo or Google search. I personally prefer Yahoo, but I’m a contrarian. I’d rather use the underdog even if the leader might be a little better. Google is powerful enough!

PS: It is really easy to export your blog from TypePad and import it into WordPress (click those links for instructions).

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