Day: January 24, 2008

Follow-Up on Yesterday’s Action and Trading

Yesterday, I went fishing. We caught five fish, including Martin’s 7.6 kilo Lake Trout (shown) and my 4 kilo wild Salmon.  More pics coming soon.

While we were fishing, I got filled on a QQQQ limit order around the 52-week low ($42.10 fill). The day before (at the close) I went long the Select Sector SPDR: Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF).

When I got home from fishing at 9:40 and saw the market action I took the following actions:



Credit Contraction Spreads to Credit Cards

I got this in the mail the other day (click image for larger view).

Out of the blue and with no warning, Providian / WAMU decided to close my unused $21,700 credit card. My FICO score is over 700. True, I didn’t need and wasn’t using that credit card because I have other ones that are better. And true I carry a high balance on one of my other credit cards (because I get paid a 3% spread to do it).