The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Last night, here in Gothenburg, Sweden, some friends and I saw The Australian Pink Floyd Show and were totally blown away.

If you love Pink Floyd and you get a chance to see these guys, do it. They have a totally smoken’ band, complete with saxophones, slide guitar and a 3-woman vocal section. One of those women, Amy Smith, will knock you to the floor and make you cry like a baby when she does her Great Gig in the Sky solo. Just phenomenal. Don’t even get me started on the Wall songs, the Comfortably Numb, the Wish You Were Here, and on and on.

These guys are probably the best tribute band I have ever seen. Another good one was the Doors of the 21st Century, which was complete with original Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger. The lead singer was The Cult’s Ian Astbury. Very hot. See pics. From what I understand, they are not touring any more due to a lawsuit over their use of the Doors name.

Back to Aussie Floyd. Bottom line is that, if you love concerts and Pink Floyd, they are a must see act. Go to for more info, pics, tour dates, etc.

PS: I’ll try to post a set list here later.

Clarification: As noted in the comment below, Amy Smith was not the only woman singing. I just highlighted her separately because of how many times I kept saying “holy shit!” to myself during her solo. All the musicians were great. And yes, they did seem a little stiff, but so did the audience, so maybe it was just a reflection. It didn’t detract from the music, but I definitely would have preferred more of that crazy psychedelic-band atmosphere.

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5 thoughts on “The Australian Pink Floyd Show

  1. Was there too. Good show, but band were quite stiff to my liking. Vocalists rocked thoug! But there wer two girls singing last evening. They were both fantasic in my opininon. Sax guy was excellent. In general a very good show.

  2. Which one was this? Sorry, I don not know the names. I liked both very much, they were different, which I liked a lot. The performance was interesting that way.
    And yes I was looking forward to more crazy rockman-style consert.

  3. Unless I am mistaken, Amy was the one who sang — if that’s the right word — the final solo of “Great Gig in the Sky.” Is that what you mean?

  4. It was. Yes, she was good. But so was the other one for me too, just different. And the dark girl too. Very nice voice. Would see the show again. It was my first Australian Floyd consert. Good that you enoy it.

  5. I heard Amy in Halifax Canada in Nov- 2009 (4th time seeing TAPFS)

    This was the best ever rendition of great gig yet.

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