Welcome, participants in the HubLove contest at HubPages!

UPDATE (2008-3-12): It was a tough decision, but the judge ruled. Nice work all around!

  1. Winner: High- Tech Gadgets for Dogs by Whitney05
  2. Runner Up: Solar Gadgets by gamergirl

Here is today’s clue:

1. The year the first ARPANET link was established.
2. The first name of the director married to a woman murdered in a high-profile case in the year of #1
3. The year AD, that Cappadocia became a province of the empire in #2.
4. Country with the rank of the number in #3, in 2005’s (published in 2007) HDI rankings
5. Pseudonym of a cartoonist born in the country in #4, whose most famous cartoon means “Achilles’s Heel” in English.
6. Company cofounded by a person with first name the same as the answer in #5, and last name the same as the leader of the Turks in Final Fantasy VII.
7. Scramble the name of the Website (minus top-level domain) into a noun. That’s today’s clue.

Be sure to leave your guess at the Hub for this clue, not here at chrisco.us.

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