Domain Name Licensing Opportunity

I usually don’t post the same blog on both my personal blog and business blog, but this is an exception because I wanted to get maximum exposure for this opportunity. Spread the word, please. Thanks. Read the details here.

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4 thoughts on “Domain Name Licensing Opportunity

  1. It sure is an interesting time for the Domains Industry. The Big Balloon is about to go up. The numbers are incredible. I was working out some of the arithmetic (I put it on my Blog if you are interested
    I still can’t believe the maths.
    As you know already there is clickmoney to be made from a website. I picked a figure of just 70cents a day earnings per website. Do you think that is a fair estimate of what people can easily earn? Say it is.
    Now consider the small investor (I can’t get my head around what it would mean for a BIG investor). I worked through the maths starting with just a $140 initial investment – buying 14 domains – and having change left over. Now the key to making REAL BIG MONEY in the click business model is to reinvest profits into new domain names. Based on 70cents per site per day you should be able to double the number of domains you own in 10 days and then again every 10 days – just using the revenue stream from the clickmoney. Guess how much at cost your Domain Portfolio would be worth in 4 months of compounding? About half a million smarkaroos.
    I went on to compound the numbers further .. blew me away completely. Then I got to thinking .. WHAT IF EVERYBODY did this?? Now I know they won’t but still alot will. Which side will the coin come down on? Will it make the clickmoney fizz out or will it escalate it? Anyway there will never be a better time to get into the action than now!

  2. TechCrunch:
    “BodogBrand Bought For About $5.8 Million, Intends To License It”:

    “BodogBrand will license to selected online gaming operators in a fashion similar to the way the Bodog brand itself is currently licensed to gaming operators worldwide.

    The company holds the global rights to license the Bodog brand across a variety of sectors, and its mandate is to partner with and/or license the brand to licensees for an array of products and services including online gaming, music, and other entertainment properties.”

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