Stockholm and “Geek Meet” Pics

The main purpose of the trip was so I could attend a tech event on Thursday night (you can read more about that on The BuzzPal Blog). Friday we around Stockholm all day, then came back to Gothenburg on Saturday morning. Great trip. Thanks Albert, Anne, DJ, Robert, and Susanne! More pics below:

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6 thoughts on “Stockholm and “Geek Meet” Pics

  1. nice pictures overall!
    and you could not pick better weather…
    the one with Albert is a bit dark, but still good for the overall impression.
    nice camera btw, small to, fits in any pocket.
    best greetings from sthlm

  2. Thanks 🙂

    Shameless BuzzPal plug:

    I just opened the BuzzPal shop: The t-shirts came out great! There are 9 different choices, with prices ranging from $12.99 to $24.99. Please buy one if you can (they ship worldwide). Thanks a lot!


    PS: I’m wearing the $19.99 American Apparel (AA) one.

  3. Hi

    Nice meeting you. Hope you had a great stay in Sthlm.
    I´m the guy you met before the Geek Meet at the coffee shop.
    Keep it up and hope your startup works out.

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