Month: June 2008

Pictures: Copenhagen, Reboot 10 & Flash Party

This is my complete set of photos (I posted a subset and of the pictures and pretty much all of my comments here (on The BuzzPal Blog). Video clip of the Flash Party is here.

The guys you see at the bottom of this blog (because the pics are in chronological order) are two cool Norwegian brothers we met at the bus back to Sweden for us and Norway for them. They were coming back from a 3-week trip in Italy, Greece, and Hungry. They turned us on to the biggest blues festival in Europe, which is in August in the town where they live. Susanne and I hope to go, but need to make sure the timing doesn’t conflict with our trip to Gotland, which starts August 9th.

PS: I put larger sizes of a couple of the black-and-whites plus a few of the other cool pics (if you liked the abstract effects) up at


Who Will Tell the People?

Who Will Tell the People?
By Thomas Friedman
New York Times

Traveling the country these past five months while writing a book, I’ve had my own opportunity to take the pulse, far from the campaign crowds. My own totally unscientific polling has left me feeling that if there is one overwhelming hunger in our country today it’s this: People want to do nation-building. They really do. But they want to do nation-building in America.

They are not only tired of nation-building in Iraq and in Afghanistan, with so little to show for it. They sense something deeper — that we’re just not that strong anymore. We’re borrowing money to shore up our banks from city-states called Dubai and Singapore. Our generals regularly tell us that Iran is subverting our efforts in Iraq, but they do nothing about it because we have no leverage — as long as our forces are pinned down in Baghdad and our economy is pinned to Middle East oil.