Old Joke That Applies to Ben Bernanke

Got this from Don Cox’s piece, “Traders of the Lost Arc”:

The Clark Kentish ex-professor has been transformed into a financial superhero who bails out bankers faster than a speeding bullet. As the chart on Fed Treasury holdings shows, his creativity in crisis seems to know no bounds, as he continues to pump liquidity into failing banks.

We can’t help recalling an old joke about the little boy who brought home a stray dog. He wanted to keep it, but his father objected. After a few days, his father told him:

“If you don’t get rid of that mutt by the time I come home tonight, I’m taking it to the dog pound.”
As he came in the door that evening, he called to his son, “Is that mutt gone?”
Son: “Yes, Dad, I sold it.”
Dad: “You mean some idiot bought that pooch? For how much?”
Son: “A thousand bucks.”
Dad: “Unbelievable. I’m proud of you! In cash?”
Son: “Not quite. I got two $500 cats.”

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