Bruce & The E Street Band in GBG Today
Yes, Mr. “Born in the USA” is doing his American Independence Day show here in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Susanne and I are going (it’s her birthday present from me). Before the show, 18 of us will gather at Martin and Anna’s place for a BBQ and some pre-partying. Looks like it’s going be a perfect day weatherwise, perfect blue sky and 25-30 degrees Celsius. That is the ultimate summer weather in Sweden, it does not get any better. (more text and images below)

First time I ever saw Bruce was the first time I was ever in Sweden, and that was the summer of 2003, after my oldest and best friend’s wedding in Austria. The weather was same as today and Bruce was playing a sold out show (his concerts sell out in minutes here, same as in the USA). Well, we went for the miracle anyway. You never know unless you try and it is better to try and fail than not try at all. So we went down to the stadium, walked up to the ticket window, nobody even hear it, asked we could buy a ticket, she looked at us and said… yes! (great seats, too)

This time, we didn’t leave it to chance: A friend (Andreas) and I camped out over night for tickets back in December (the pics you see here). Yes, you can buy tickets online and over the phone in Sweden, but if you try that they might sell out before you get through. That would have been the case here since the concert sold out in like 15 minutes, a new record in Sweden.

It was fun. I haven’t camped for tix since back in the day. Best time was 1986 camping in front of Commander Salamander (a cool punk rock kinda store in Georgetown) for tickets for the Grateful Dead with Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at RFK.

I met a real cutie (Avri from Wilson High School) in the line and then randomly bumped into her and her boyfriend at the show. She wound up leaving with me to go pool hopping at Somerset. That was the a good summer of fun, friends, motorcycles, fishing, swimming, and more. Wow, one of the best now that I think about it.

Will there ever be a summer like that again or is it only possible when you’re a teenager? Most people say you must be a teenager to have a summer like that, but I disagree. I think it’s a choice you make, a choice of how you view the world and people that determines your universe of possibilities and actual experiences. Choose life. Make it sweet, and I don’t mean just for yourself, make it sweet for someone else, as many living and not yet living creatures. Ok, sorry for getting mushy, that “summer of ’86” talk got going (but it is what I think). Cheers!

Warning: There there’s a puker in action here (and the cleanup crew). It’s all part of life on the line. That guy was a trooper, too. Totally undaunted. I thought he’d go pass out, but he just cracked another beer and continued festivating as if nothing happened. Hat tip, dude.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to my post-concert blog with pics and video from the concert.

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